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Relation Between Common Thin-film Color and Sputtering Targe
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Coating   color and process of target

Material (components)composition
Film colorCoating atmosphere
Titanium   targetPure titaniumGoldenN
Pure titaniumBlueO
Pure titaniumrifle colorC2H2
Pure titaniumSilverAr
Chromium   targetPure chromiumWhiteAr
Pure chromiumBlackC2H2
Pure chromiumTransparent colorN
TiAl   targetTi80Al20atRose goldN
Ti70Al30atRose RedN
Zirconium   targetPure zirconiumBronzeN
Pure zirconiumBlueO
Pure zirconiumBlue and yellowN
Nickel targetPure Nickelnatural   colorAr
Titanium   zirconium targetTiZr50atGoldenN