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Particle Size and Granularity Correspondence Table
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The specifications of standard sieves vary from country to country. The commonly used Taylor (Tyler) sieve is the number of sieve pores per unit length (inches) of the

sieve, which is called the mesh. For example, a 100-mesh sieve means that there are 100 sieve pore per inch of sieve mesh.


Sieve pore size (particle size) and standard mesh comparison table  (millimeter comparison table)


sieve pore size4.75mm          standard mesh4 mesh

  sieve pore size4.00mm         standard mesh5 mesh

  sieve pore size3.35mm         standard mesh6 mesh

  sieve pore size2.80mm         standard mesh7 mesh

  sieve pore size2.36mm         standard mesh8 mesh

  sieve pore size2.00mm         standard mesh10 mesh

  sieve pore size1.70mm         standard mesh12 mesh

  sieve pore size1.40mm         standard mesh14 mesh

  sieve pore size1.18mm         standard mesh16 mesh

  sieve pore size1.00mm         standard mesh18 mesh

  sieve pore size0.850mm        standard mesh20 mesh

  sieve pore size0.710mm        standard mesh25 mesh

  sieve pore size0.600mm        standard mesh30 mesh

  sieve pore size0.500mm        standard mesh35 mesh

  sieve pore size0.425mm         standard mesh40 mesh

  sieve pore size0.355mm         standard mesh45 mesh

  sieve pore size0.300mm         standard mesh50 mesh

  sieve pore size0.250mm         standard mesh60 mesh

  sieve pore size0.212mm         standard mesh70 mesh

  sieve pore size0.180mm         standard mesh80 mesh

  sieve pore size0.150mm         standard mesh100 mesh

  sieve pore size0.125mm         standard mesh120 mesh

  sieve pore size0.106mm         standard mesh140 mesh

  sieve pore size0.090mm         standard mesh170 mesh

  sieve pore size0.0750mm        standard mesh200 mesh

  sieve pore size0.0630mm        standard mesh230 mesh

  sieve pore size0.0530mm        standard mesh270 mesh

  sieve pore size0.0450mm        standard mesh325 mesh

  sieve pore size0.0374mm        standard mesh400 mesh